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Green Lantern Corps Movie Trailer, Cast, Story-plot, Release date, Wiki

Green Lantern Corps is a upcoming Hollywood american superhero movie which is based on the the DC comics charterer of the same name. It will act as reboot to the 2011 Green Lantern movie by Warner Bros. after the first movie under performed on the Box office. The movie revolves around Hal Jordan who is chosen to became the member of Green Lantern Corps. Warner Bros Announced the movie at Comic Con 2015. The movie will be produced by Warner Bros and will act as the 11th instalment in the DC Cinematic universe. It will be directed by David Mayer and rest of the crew is yet to be finalized but Warner Bros are planned to make this reboot bigger than the first.

Initially Warner Bros wanted to make a sequel of 2011 movie Green Lantern and also the movie was first of the DC Cinematic universe that Warner Bros and DC comics has planned but the movie under performed at the Box Office also generated a lot of negative reviews with Ray Reynolds slashed for his performance as the Green Lantern. The movie made only $220 million while the budget of the movie was $200 So Warner Bros Scrapped the idea of a sequel.

But, After the Man of Steel it was confirmed by Warner Bros that if a DC comics universe is created that Green Lantern has appear sometime.. So on Comic Con 2015 a reboot of the Green Lantern series was announced by Warner Bros with David Mayer as the Director. It was also told that other that main charterer Hal Jordan whose entry will be bigger than the previous time other famous famous officers of the Green Lantern Corps such as John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and even Sinestro will make appearance in Green Lantern Corps Movie.

Green Lantern movie Star-cast, Release date

Produced by - Warner Bros and  DC comics

Screenplay by - Not Announced

Story by - Not Announced

  • Chris Pine as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern(Rumored)
  • Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
  • Mark Strong as Sinestro
  • Taika Waititi as Thomas Kalmaku::
Cinematography by - Not Announced

Edited by - Not Announced

Production company -  Warner Bros. and DC comics

Distributed by -  Warner Bros.

Release date - June 19, 2020

Country - United States

Language - English

Green Lantern Corps Movie Story, Plot, Details

Green Lantern Corps movie will be based on same force which patrols the farthest of the earth and how a new officer from earth is added to the corps and they are assigned a deadly Black Ops mission against a force who destroy every planet and living thing that comes in its way. This movie will mark the beginning of the Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern and how he comes of age as a Officer of Green Lantern Corps .

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